The small cost of protection

The small cost of protection

Latest research shows……

  • 51% of families in the UK have no financial protection in place to support them if the worst happened;

  • 72% of female business owners don’t have protection for their businesses; and

  • the number one fear for 28% of women is their inability to support themselves or their loved ones.

It is important to have some form of protection to make sure that you have the right cover in place to help when you, or your family, need it most. Too many people underestimate the consequences of under-protection.

Can you imagine losing a Husband, Wife, Partner or Parent and then also having to worry about how to cope financially with the aftermath of the loss of income (or additional financial burden of childcare in the case of the loss of a homemaker) too?

According to a Protection Matters survey, the main reason people gave for not having life protection was that they couldn’t afford it. But at just £7.01* a month, life protection could be more affordable than they think – especially when compared against other everyday costs.

protection post April 2017

We can arrange Life cover, Critical Illness cover, Income Protection, Accident, Sickness & Unemployment protection too, looking at the whole market.

We will take into account any existing protection that you have, talk you through the differences in each type of cover and help you to prioritise, tailoring options to suit whatever your budget may be.

The earlier cover is arranged then typically the cheaper it is, leaving taking cover for 5 years can in some instances add 50% to the cost of any policies taken.

However, generally when life cover is put in force it will then remain the same for the full policy duration, so don’t delay give us a call today to get a quote to see how affordable life protection could be for you…..


Source: Protection Matters – does women’s financial planning match their priorities?, Aegon, 2016

*based on a 35-year-old, non-smoking female, taking out £90,000 life protection, October 2016

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