Tebworth local community pub

Our local pub is in danger of closing down as a result of the brewery wanting to sell up.

The following is information from the community crowd funding pages which are after support to help purchase the pub and run it as a going concern.

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Tebworth local community pub

This is your chance to become part-owner of a rural pub with centuries of history behind it, and a future full of promise. Our little village of Tebworth has already lost so much; our shop, our post office and our school.  With your help we will make sure we don’t lose the beating heart of our community, The Queen’s Head.

The current Queen’s Head, Tebworth arose like a phoenix from the ashes in 1926 after a fire destroyed the original timber and thatch building,and thanks to you it could continue for generations to come.

Join a group of investors who believe in this project; who know the difference it can make to the community and the rural economy; and who want to be part of this exciting crowd-funding venture.

Our vision

The Queen’s Head, Tebworth will be a shining example of best practice with a well run pub and beautifully restored gardens. You’ll be delighted to have saved it; proud to co-own it and happy to visit it.

We aim to buy the Queen’s Head and transform it into a thriving, viable, sustainable village pub with beautiful community garden.

The Queen’s Head will be a proper pub. It will feature real ale and cider from the region. There’ll be an excellent choice of wines, spirits and soft drinks – not to mention tea, coffee, cake and WiFi! The menu will include tasty bar snacks as well quality, fresh food – cooked on the premises. There will always be something special on offer to tantalise the taste buds and tempt pub-goers from around the region.

As a business run for the benefit of the community, we aim to support local producers and businesses by sourcing ingredients and products from nearby suppliers (and our own garden) as often as possible. This will help support the local economy, reduce food miles, and boost awareness of the specialities of our region (like the famous ‘Bedfordshire Clanger’. The aim is to ensure the pub appeals to individuals, couples, families, groups, organisations and businesses as well as drawing in walkers, bikers and tourists.

The Queen’s Head currently hosts weekly clubs, music sessions and excellent monthly folk nights. We plan to build on this with a regular and well promoted programme of events throughout the year.  Real ale and cider festivals, live music events, quizzes, clubs and activities, community food events; all will help build the Queen’s Head’s reputation as a fun pub to visit. Plans are also afoot to renovate the large garden area to create a Permaculture community garden, with outdoor cooking facilities and an imaginative play space for children.

Your investment will help make the Queen’s Head into a flourishing business owned entirely by shareholders and run for the benefit of the community. It’ll be a traditional pub that values both its community in the village and the need to be welcoming and inviting to a wider clientele. It will be a vibrant cross-generational hub, serving people’s differing needs, daytime and evening, weekdays and weekends, summer and winter.

Tebworth is a pleasant Bedfordshire village in gently rolling countryside situated between the M1 and the A5 and within a few miles of several large centres of population.  The Queen’s Head lies on the popular Icknield Way Walk with walkers and cyclists regularly passing its doors.

The Queen’s Head is currently owned by Charles Wells Ltd, a brewery company with over 200 pubs in its portfolio. It has been tenanted by our lovely 84 year old landlord, Colin for over 35 years.  It has had little or no investment for many years and is currently only able to provide ‘wet’ trade.  Despite this the pub has soldiered on supported by its trusty locals.

The Queen’s Head was registered as an Asset of Community Value in 2013.  In September 2016 the brewery announced its intention to sell and a Community Benefit Society was formed.  We made an offer of £150,000 for the pub earlier in the year but the offer was rejected.

Potential for growth

A community survey has been carried out, this indicated that local trade could be substantially increased if the pub offered food and community activities (please see our business plan).

The Queen’s Head is a country pub with a large garden and huge potential to expand the current ‘wet’ only trade and limited opening hours.  We propose to renovate the pub to ensure it meets modern environmental standards, adding a new kitchen, modern eco-toilets and two letting rooms.

Our aim is to create a ‘free house’ with multiple income streams that will attract tenants who share our community vision.  Tenanting the pub will provide a regular rental income, enabling us to pay a dividend on investments.

We know many community pubs have chosen to employ managers but we have done our research, many community pubs that have had long term success operate a tenancy system. As a community free house we will be able to make a much more attractive offer to tenants than a tied house, and we do not bear the financial risk of paying out salaries to a manager and staff while the business is grown.

We plan to manage and develop the bulk of the garden as a community food growing and activities area, as this will enable us to access additional grants and funding and allow the pub to control a manageable area for outdoor customer seating.  The community garden will work collaboratively with the pub, enabling the creation of a large outdoor space for music, beer festivals and our annual bonfire and fireworks event.

This is not any old pub in any old area, and we are not any old community. We have already raised over £150,000 in pledges from our small community and we have a diverse, experienced, talented and creative team (learn more about us in our business plan below).

This is a community that fiercely wants to keep its pub – and is determined not to allow centuries of hospitality to be lost to private development.

Our campaign has received support from a wide range of organisations and prominent figures including Andrew Selous MP,  who stated“I am very pleased to support the Save Our Pub, The Queens Head, Tebworth” We have even had a letter of support from HRH Prince Charles!

Invest or Donate

  • Could you donate the price of a couple of pints, a round for you and your mates, or the cost of a crazy night out? Please make a generous donation to support our cause?
  • Could you take up a collection in your local and raise cash to donate, or even buy some community shares? We are offering some fab rewards too!

Benefits of investing

In addition to helping Save the Queen’s Head for this and future generations, and turning it into a thriving community pub that you want to visit, why would you invest? To:-

  • Become co-owner of a rural pub
  • Benefit from exclusive shareholder offers
  • Join in special shareholder events
  • Receive annual interest payments when profits allow

Share offer details

Please see the prospectus and business plan below for full details of the share offer. The minimum investment is £500, which will grant you 2 shares at £250 each. You must be 18 or over to hold shares in your name. You can invest any amount from £500 to £40,000

Whatever your investment, you will be part-owner of this fantastic community pub – and your commitment will be welcome and appreciated.

If you wish to pledge an amount not listed  please bid in multiples or click on the link below to send the SaveThe Queen’s Head team a message.  savethequeenshead@gmail.com

You are buying shares in Tebworth Community Pub Ltd. A Community Benefit Society registered in England, Registration No. 7402.

THANKS TO:  Daniel Curto and Mike Pearce for filming and editing our video, The Plunkett Foundation, The Cooperative Bank, CAMRA, Communityshares.org and Crowdfunder

Next step:  Pledge your investment now –  to help us save a really fantastic pub!

Source: Save the Queens Head Tebworth, a Community Crowdfunding Project in Tebworth, Bedfordshire on Crowdfunder

Disclaimer – Stuart Brown Mortgage Services are not involved in the investment aspect of this project, and are merely trying to gain publicity and support for our valued local pub.