You, Your Mortgage & Your Family

Most people would think that they should take some type of cover and only really consider it important if they are buying their home. The reality is that insurance is something that we should all consider whether this is the case or not.

For instance if you are renting a property and we involved in an accident how long could you continue to pay the rent (and other bills) for if you were unable to work? Does your employer provide some sick pay?

If you were to die prematurely would your family be left with debts? Would they be able to continue to live in their home? Could your partner earn enough money to support the household bills, even if the mortgage had been paid off?

What about a serious long term illness? Would you be able to get back to work? Would your partner be able to work or have to stay at home to look after you?

Areas to consider are:

  • Your new mortgage
  • Additional cover to protect your family (this is valid whether you have a mortgage or not)
  • Childcare costs
  • Protecting your income
  • Medical insurance
  • Inheritance planning

The cost to take cover tends to increase with age, also the ability to obtain cover can become harder as you get older too. It is very important to fully consider some level of protection as soon as possible, you would be uncomfortably surprised at the age some of our clients have experienced life changing events.

Taking cover whilst younger also tends to cost considerably less than in later years (putting off taking cover 5 years can increase cost by 25% or more in some instances!)

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