Loan types


An unsecured loan is exactly as it sounds, not secured against property or anything else. It is this type of loan that is most commonly used to buy a car, consolidate existing credit, pay for a dream holiday or anything else you want!

The Term available is usually from 1 to 7 years.
Cost per month is dependent upon APR which in turn is subject to status, loan amount and term.


This type of loan is often available from £10000 upwards and is secured against property. Again the APR available will be dependent upon status of the applicant and several other factors.

A secured loan is usually over a much longer period i.e. similar to a typical mortgage term. As a result the payments can be lower then they would be under an unsecured loan but much more interest will be payable overall due to the longer term.

Secured loans also tend to be offered at much higher rates than a traditional mortgage, are not so readily available and just like a traditional mortgage are secured against your home. You home is therefore at risk if the loan is not maintained satisfactorily.

Each of these types of finance do serve a distinct purpose, like other types of credit you should carefully consider affordability and your circumstances (both now and in the future) before committing yourself.

Further details of second charge loans are covered in the next page

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