The Importance of selecting the correct survey report

So this is a quick overview of the different types of survey available and what the importance of selecting the correct survey report is…

Too many people rely on the lender’s mortgage valuation to tell them if a property is suitable to buy and think that this will highlight to them if there are any issues (minor or major). The reality is that this is a valuation and mortgage condition report and nothing else.

Whether it is suitable security for a lender, and whether they will lend without imposing conditions or retention, is dependent on many factors including the percentage loan required.

i.e. a lender may be happier to lend on a property needing some minor work because a large deposit is being put down and hence not flag to you the issues their surveyor has highlighted to them.

In any case with several lenders offering free mortgage valuations there is a possibility you wont even get a copy of their report at all.

We have more information on our website here:

The following two clips are produced by RICS ( who are the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and give more info:

and the table below gives further guidance of the types of report available and what they cover/suitability.

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