About Stuart Brown

Stuart & Sharon set up Stuart Brown Mortgage Services in 2003 following on from working for a number of other financial organisations, and within the mortgage industry for the preceding 14 years (17 years for Sharon). At the time of writing that gives us a combined 55 years experience at we are only in our forties!

We pride ourselves in providing the best advice, excellent customer service and try our utmost to actively look out for our customers throughout the home buying process. We cover things we don’t believe most advisers do and give a personal service along the way.

We figure that the best way to continue to do good business is to look after those customers we serve and the recommendations and referrals they provide. We no longer pay for advertising as we believe our customers are the best advert for what we do.

Where as we hear stories of customers going direct to banks and having 10 minute mortgage appointments we will often spend 1 to 2 hours in a first appointment and at least that again when a property has been found and we need to sort the mortgage out. Going onto talk further about protection after that!

We can usually see you at your own home, at relatively flexible hours and usually within a few days of first contact.

We count many of our current clients as personal friends and feel privileged to be continually trusted to serve them.

Please call us with any questions you have about how we can help.

Beds & Bucks 01525 877650

Herts 01422 252040

Mobile 07710 770969

or email: advice@sbms-online.co.uk

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